No matter where you are in the country, when the housing market is strong, things can move really quickly. Whether you’ve purchased and sold homes a few times or this is your first time working with a real estate company, it’s essential that whoever you’re working with stays in contact regularly and is easy to communicate with so that nothing is missed and you can either buy or sell your home efficiently. While the entire process can be time-consuming, it takes a skilled realtor to ensure that everything is smooth from start to finish. And that’s done with great communication.

Why Communication is Essential in Real Estate

Understanding Wants and Needs

From the very beginning of the process, a realtor’s goal is to understand a homebuyer or home seller’s wants and needs. If a seller needs to find a buyer as quickly as possible and wants to keep the chandelier in the dining room, the agent will push for a quick closing and make sure to put the fixture in the contract. If the buyer wants a multi-level home with four bedrooms, a basement, and dark wood cabinets, they’ll do their best to find them that house. But when a realtor doesn’t listen or doesn’t know how to communicate potential challenges, everyone will be frustrated in the end.

Quick Decisions

Like we said above, real estate can move quickly and oftentimes demands quick decisions to be made. When a buyer visits an open house and wants to make an offer, but there are four other offers as well, your realtor needs to be very clear about the importance of making decisions, such as increasing the offer amount, adding more earnest money, or letting the potential buyer know what could happen if they don’t act quickly. Communication from the realtor and the buyer can ensure a situation like this doesn’t end in the sale going to someone else.

Explanations of Contract Lingo

What is earnest money? What does an adjustable rate mortgage mean? What does being in escrow mean? There are dozens of real estate terms that can be hard to understand for anyone not in the industry. But for buyers or sellers, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what these terms mean. And it’s up to your realtor to make sure that you understand each step of the process.


A great realtor will be there to answer any questions you may have at any point during the process. If you’re not sure if staging your home before selling is worth it, if you’re not sure about a clause in the contract, or if you want to know more about the neighborhood, your real estate agent can be there to give you the answers quickly. This will make sure you’re making informed decisions so that you aren’t wasting any time.

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