showing house with cats iron gate real estate columbia

Moving is stressful on everyone, including your pets. They know something is going on when you start packing up your home and boxes are everywhere. And if you have cats, they love routine, so anything out of the ordinary is stressful for them.

Odds are, while you are preparing to move, you may also be showing your home to potential buyers. This creates a problem when you have cats roaming around your home.

Iron Gate Real Estate is the best real estate company in Columbia. Our real estate agents are top-notch, caring for our clients throughout the entire home buying or home selling process. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to show your home when you have cats. Contact one of our realtors today!


Invest in Air Fresheners

Many people don’t like cats, so when they discover your home has cats, you may already have one strike against you. Iron Gate Real Estate in Columbia recommends that you eliminate any odors associated with your cat, including cat litter odors, urine smells, and cat food. You’ll want the place where you keep the cat litter to be spotlessly clean every time you have a showing. You may need to invest in scented cat litter, and you may want to move your cat litter to an out-of-the-way location, such as a laundry room or half-bath that buyers won’t linger in too long. Out of sight, out of mind is the goal with cat litter.

Repair Cat Scratches

Almost nothing turns off a buyer quicker than noticeable damage to a home, including pet damage. If you have noticeable scratches, use a filler crayon for banisters and railings, and sand down scratches on wooden doors and baseboards. If you have a piece of furniture that has been scratched to the point the upholstery is showing, Iron Gate Real Estate in Columbia recommends that you remove that furniture immediately. It speaks to the state of the rest of the house in potential buyers’ minds.

Vacuum Every Day

Some people are allergic to cats, and even if they aren’t, pet hair everywhere is a definite turn off for potential buyers. You’ll want to groom your cat to help keep down the hairs in the house and vacuum every day. In addition, if you have a cat that tends to vomit after eating or cough up hairballs, try to time the feedings as best you can. You can bet that a potential buyer most likely won’t buy your home if they enter your home and there’s cat puke on the floor.


Iron Gate Real Estate in Columbia understands what it takes to get your home sold quickly. Our realtors have years of experience in selling homes, as well as helping buyers find their dream homes. When you partner with us, you’ll become our top priority. Whether you have cats or not, we’d love to help you sell your home. Give us a call today to get started!