Moving can be a thrilling experience, particularly when you are moving into your dream home. The home you have searched for your entire adult life. It has everything you want, and you are excited to make it even more perfect. If you are lucky enough to live in our gorgeous community of Columbia, maybe you used the local real estate leader to buy your home. At Iron Gate Real Estate we want to help you make your dreams come true when it comes to finding your dream home. After all, we value our customers and their needs and look forward to forming long term relationships.

In It For The Long Haul

Speaking of long term relationships, it is generally a given that you are looking for a long term commitment when you are looking for a home. The internet is rife with strange ideas that are touted as “creative” home improvement ideas. As cool as these upgrades are, they are generally very impractical and do not seem they would last the test of time. Not that these projects are not cool but the likelihood of them being used very often are very slim.

Some make sense, like removing the baseboards and installing drawers under the cabinets. Not only is this smart but it saves valuable space. Of course, how much stuff will be relegated to the new drawers, never to be seen again. While the thought behind this “hack” is to create more storage space, the investment is generally not worth the added, specialized storage area. The focus should be on creating more usable space.

Another favorite of these home improvement sites is nooks and strange, hidden areas. The absolute best is a hidden room under the stairs. The whole staircase lifts up, revealing a brightly colored room fitted with furniture and maybe a fish tank. Now come on, who is going to actually do this, it is like the birthday cake ideas on Pinterest, not practical.

At Iron Gate Real Estate, we can help you find what you want in your home. If that means you want a hidden room under your front porch to store your action figure collection, one of our talented agents can do their best to find you your dream home. Be sure and reach out to us for any and all of your real estate needs we are your hometown realtor and are proud to be part of the community.