Was your home sitting on the market for months and months when you were trying to sell in the past? Too often this is a reality too many homeowners find themselves dealing with. Whether working with a real estate agent or trying to sell on your own, here is a list of the top four key reasons why your home did not sell as fast you may have liked to!

  1.  Ineffective marketing plan. When we list your home our reputations are on the line. Hard work and the power of today’s technology are proven methods of getting a property SOLD. We don’t just put a sign in the yard and wave as we drive off!
  2. Poor communication. Teamwork between the seller and their agent is the key and cannot be overstated. Are you a team of one? Does your agent take time to communicate as often and effectively with you as you would expect?
  3. Condition of your Home. Have you made your house someone else’s dream? Do cash allowances work in a sale or is there a better way? We will advise you as to the best approach.
  4. Your home was not accurately priced. We will research and conduct a Comparative Market Analysis for you. The facts in our report will pinpoint the fair market value of what your home should sell for.

If you are considering re-listing with the same agent ask yourself, “What will they do different this time?” Our past analysis indicates that the odds are, pretty much, against you.

So, if time has run out on your current home listing… Call us now!