Our pets can prove to be as important as family members in most pet-lovers’ lives. So when thinking about making the move, it is equally important to consider what your pet’s needs are, as much as your own.

Pets can be sensitive to change, so you want to provide the smoothest transition possible for all creatures involved. When moving, you’d think that bringing along your pet’s favorite treat to comfort them would be the best way to reassure them on the way to their new home. In actuality, this can make them feel worse. Your Animals may already be coping with some anxiety from all of the changes happening, so stick to their regular foods and eating routines up until the last day, to keep their tummies and nerves at ease!

Now that you’ve mastered the art of keeping your pet calm, cool & collected, its time to introduce the three main points to consider when buying your next home:

  • Neighbors
  • Space
  • Location

If you are an animal lover and your neighbors aren’t… you’ll want to know for sure before making the move! Go ahead and introduce yourself while at the same time, letting them know you have a few pets in your family and assure them that they can come to you if anything becomes intolerable or they have any requests! This is the best way to assure your new neighbors don’t resent you for your fury friends.

Space. If you aren’t the kind of pet owner to take your animals to the park every other day, you’ll definitely want to make sure your new home has plenty of space for your pets to stretch out and release some energy! Look for places that have good walking areas, parks nearby, or just a decent sized back yard where they can have a space to call their own.

This brings us to location, location, location. This is something that you can’t change about a home when you are looking to buy, so you want to make sure all of the resources you need regularly are within close proximity. This includes pet stores! Save yourself the travel time and energy it takes to get to the opposite side of town when you need to pick up supplies for your pet. By working with an Agent, they can show you homes in a neighborhood near all of your favorite places, that you might not have known about.

Ultimately, we want your pets to love their new Home as much as you do. Follow these steps, and rest in peace knowing that your pet will be happy and healthy. Now…time to unpack!