There is a common misconception out there about real estate offices, and you’ve probably fallen for it. The first thing you learn about a local real estate office is where it’s located. How else would you know where to drive?


Many people like to believe that the location of an office determines which area they serve. Surely they will only know about that specific neighborhood or area of a town if they work from there, right? Wrong.

Let’s back up a bit, real estate agents are essentially their own boss. They can work in any office they choose, in any town. As long as they can pop in and write up a contract, print off a list of homes to show, or fill up their balloons for an open house, they will be happy with their office’s location. Being a real estate agent is a hands-on, gone-all-day, field work kind of job.

Location, Location…

Our agents serve all of Columbia and it’s surrounding areas. We have three locations in Columbia, but we also have agents spanning the state from Kansas City to Saint Louis. And yes, they all filter back to our main office location at the well known intersection of I-70 and 63  because here, we make it feel like home. We want our clients to know that there is truly an Agent out there for everyone!

You can just call us your “soul-agent”. We truly, get what you mean, when you describe to us your dream home. Location is something you can’t change about a house. We know all of those little bits of history in each corner of Columbia. We’ve attended these high schools, we’ve aged into alumni at the University, we bought our first homes in these neighborhoods, and now we strive help others find homes in those same areas.  With as many agents as we have now, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one of them was your neighbor!

Location, Location, Location!

Regardless of the office, don’t limit your home buying or selling experience to ‘the place up the street’. We want you to feel confident that your Agent knows the area you’re looking in, but finding a knowledgeable Agent that makes you comfortable can be more rewarding in the long run than settling for the nearest office.