When it comes to relocating to a new community, the checklist you create for yourself can already seem daunting. After all, there’s packing, arranging for moving logistics, possibly a job hunt for one or more members of the family, and if you have children, the task of finding and enrolling them in school.


When you’re looking to relocate to Columbia, Iron Gate Real Estate is the real estate agency that can help reduce your stress by working with you to find the perfect home for you and your family and allow you to spend more time focusing on the rest of your relocation checklist. We’re local experts who know the market, know the community, and can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Become A Part Of The Columbia Community


In addition to providing this crucial role in helping you and your family’s transition to a new community go a little smoother, we’ve taken the time today to provide some tips for ways to get involved and build community when you move to Columbia. It’s far too easy to find yourself cooped up at home with a smaller support network than you are used to, and let’s face it — moving can be stressful enough even when you are moving somewhere that you already have friends and family.


Check out our blog below for tips on how you can begin to connect with the people and places in Columbia and speed your personal and professional growth as a member of the community. Make sure to share these tips with your family members, and when it’s time to relocate to Columbia, remember to call the trusted real estate agency of Iron Gate Real Estate — we’re here to help with your relocation.

Get A Map And Explore

Whether you decide to use your smartphone, build a custom map of Columbia on Google Maps, or head to a local store and purchase a map, we strongly recommend taking some time to get to know the lay of the land.


At roughly 128,000 residents prior to the 2020 census, Columbia isn’t a big city, but it’s not quite a small town either, and we think that you’ll find some real gems when you begin to explore.


Oftentimes, we here at Iron Gate Real Estate find that residents of Columbia tend to assume that they will learn about the community over time as they commute, shop, and handle the necessities of daily life. In reality, this simply means that you’ll only ever find the places that are already on the way to where you are headed. 


Branch out, and make sure to pin — either digitally or physically — some of the spots you are curious about or have fallen in love with.


Check out a list of our local area parks and trails through the city’s website for a head start. Or, find your new favorite restaurants and discover retail spaces that might not be on your daily route. And for locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables, and hand-crafted items, make sure to visit the farmer’s market in COMO Ag Park.

Find Community Support

It’s far too easy to not discover new friends and faces when you move to a new place, and that can leave you relying solely on your family to provide support when everyone else, just like you, is working to adjust to their new community.


Make sure that you are looking for ways to get involved with like-minded people through fellowships, clubs, and other interests that you have or that you previously engaged in while living in your old community.


A few great opportunities might include visiting one of our two local golf courses, discovering local community sports organizations for you and the family, or finding new places of worship where you can meet people with similar beliefs as yourself.


Another great way to get to not only know your new Columbia community but also to invest in it is to volunteer. Columbia is a friendly, welcoming place where we’re proud to say that our citizens look out for and care about one another. It’s one of the things that makes this such a desirable and wonderful place to live.


If you’re interested in discovering ways that you can take part in helping out with your time, energy, or resources, then visit the city’s webpage for volunteer opportunities.

Re-Examine And Reignite Your Interests

When you move to a new community, you have a brand new chance to sever the bonds of things that were holding you back from living your life the way you have wanted to, and there is a lot of opportunities to re-invest in the things you are most passionate about. 


However, it can also be easy to get hyper-focused on settling into work, building a routine for the kids, and before you know it, you’re back to a wash—rinse—repeat style of living again.


Take some time — once you are moved in — to re-explore the things that you feel like you have been missing out on. Maybe it’s time to start reading more often or to join a book club. Maybe you’ve been missing time outdoors by the water watching wildlife and learning about new plants. Maybe the old guitar is begging to be taken out of the case, tuned, and played again.


For as much as investing in a new community can be an important part of moving to Columbia, making time for yourself and the things you love are just as meaningful. After all, the awesome people who live here are all individuals with their own passions and hobbies. Make sure that you make time for yours.

Call Columbia’s Relocation Experts At Iron Gate Real Estate Today

If a relocation to Columbia is in your future, know that you’re going to be welcomed with open arms and encouraged to find satisfaction and meaning in your time here. We hope that you’ll choose Iron Gate Real Estate as the real estate agency that can help make the transition smooth. But, either way, let us be the first to say, “Welcome to Columbia.”