1. Packing Tips To Make Moving Easier

    Moving is a stressful and exciting thing that we will all do at least once in our lives. Moving offers a chance for new beginnings, allowing us to recreate our own space, and gives us a change of scenery that is sometimes much needed. But moving is also stressful, there is a lot to think about when …Read More

  2. How COVID-19 Has Changed Real Estate

    Buying and selling a house involves a lot of face-to-face contact. From tours of the house to meetings with your realtor, it can seem impossible to buy or sell a home without meeting someone in person. Some of this has changed, however, because of COVID-19. The real estate industry has changed drast…Read More

  3. Tips For Settling Into A New Community

    When it comes to relocating to a new community, the checklist you create for yourself can already seem daunting. After all, there’s packing, arranging for moving logistics, possibly a job hunt for one or more members of the family, and if you have children, the task of finding and enrolling them i…Read More